Top Essential Guitar Accessories You Should Know

electric guitar

Just like soldiers, musicians also need to own quality equipment.  Apart from all other vital instruments musicians use such as keyboards, drums, and guitars, they as well need to use many accessories to have a perfect and high distinct sound.

You will learn that a guitar is an instrument that has a vast array of various accessories and extra tools.  Though most of the guitar accessories are not a must, you will find some that are important. To know better about these accessories here are some of them.


a man playing a guitarIn case if you want to play an electric guitar, you should have a strap because it’s more substantial than the acoustic guitar. The strap will aid in controlling the guitar more efficiently and even stretch your arms. Because the straps at times may slip off your guitar peg, you can buy strap locks also.

Straps like picks are more affordable so you should buy some so that you can comfortably use the guitar.


Buying a quality tuner is crucial. It’s an essential tool in a guitar, mainly if you don’t have the right ear pitch. You must keep your guitar well-tuned which is the most regular activity a guitarist does apart from playing the guitar. More so, if you are a novice, you can choose an electric guitar because it has the most comfortable tuner since it has red and green lights that show if the sound is perfect, flat or sharp.


A stand is a must-have tool for most guitarists. Beginners need it too for their training process. The stand helps to protect the guitar by providing support to the base and the neck of the guitar. Besides placing your guitar on the desk or leaning it on the wall, you can use the stand to protect your guitar from damage and dust, and even prevent accidents.

Guitar Picks

You can never meet a guitarist playing his or her guitar without using a guitar pick. Guitar picks have a different thickness for many uses. If you are a novice, using a medium or thin picks is much better because they are perfect for strumming. But thicker picks are best for single notes and lead playing. Remember that thin picks offer more flexibility and smoother sounds. When not sure about the right thickness of picks, buy few different ones since they are affordable.

Guitar Case

guitar caseA guitar case is a necessary accessory. You can use it if you require an extra storage area. Choose a soft guitar case because they are light and flexible. Choose a guitar case which has quality padding to protect your guitar from bumps and knocks.